Jurgen Rogiers (°1967) is a Brussels based photographer with seaside roots. Between 1987 and 1993 he assisted various photographers, then sets off independently. Starting out with album covers and fashion, he naturally evolves to advertising photography. Jurgen Rogiers worked for various major companies, newspapers and magazines across the world. He lived in New York between 1999 and 2002, where he started out with album covers, shooting amongst others David Byrne, Erykah Badu, Zap Mama and The Roots. In his personal artistic work, Jurgen Rogiers explores the edges and bounderies of portrait photography. By using spe-cific minimal light sources and cutting edge techniques originating from his background in commercial photography, Jurgen Rogiers manages to capture the essence of a posed moment, transcending the artificial. As an artistic restriction, absolutely no manipulation of the image in post processing is allowed, a challenge in mastering the photographic medium in confrontation with the roughness of reality.