Peter Waterschoot is a Gent based photographer playing with the buttons of time. Space and time markers are his taboo. The photoworks are a result of ever-consecutive trips, hunting for a heterotopia within the remains of the postwar period of the previous century. Much of the latter ongoing series are characterised by a dreamlike state and a sober, lucid romanticism. The photoworks evoque a meditative gaze and lead the viewer into a different state of mind. There is a recognizable color-palette (varying from copper-brown, bordeaux, gold, forest green, black, deep red, pink, yellowish, purple even). Darkness and melancholia are not omnipresent, but in his latest work Peter Waterschoot is ‘reaching out towards (blinding) light’.

”Unfortunately, photography is not really fit to register a disappearing world, so the result is that these images show a world which even doesn’t seem to exist at all, the works seem to be a registration of a dream.
-Marina Luz

“Beautiful sense of color and darkness, a photo work about nostalgia without being nostalgic, photographed in a sophisticated and almost sly way, ironic and humorous”
-Todd Hido (017 Smedsby Paris)

“His photowork makes you experience a compelling, enigmatic, ominous but yet comforting magical realism.”
-Geert Ooms.